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Knock Down, Drag Out

Knock Down, Drag Out
from the back cover:
Let Loose in Cowskull Gulch!
It seems another free-for-all has erupted in The Thirsty Cactus, Cowskull Gulch’s only saloon. Knock Down, Drag Out lets you join the hectic melee of a Wild West bar fight. The rules are brutally simple and the action is fast-paced!
Punch, kick, and club your opponents– be the last patron standing to win!
Components: 54 cards, a six sided die
In this game, each player has a character card with two sides: Healthy and Hurt. Each player starts out Healthy, with the Healthy side of the character card face up in front of them.
Each player draws three cards from the deck to form a starting hand. These cards describe various attacks (e.g. Punch, Kick, Uppercut), actions (e.g. Duck, Play Possum), or items (Firewater Bottle, Broken Chair Leg). As the game progresses, players may opt to spend their turn drawing more cards. The goal of the game is to be the last character standing in the saloon.
Players take turns attacking each other as the game proceeds. A punch, for instance, will injure the target on a d6 roll of 5+, while a kick will injure the target on a roll of 4+. If your target is injured, they flip their character card over to the “Hurt” side. If they are injured twice (before being healed), then they are knocked out.

A KO’d character falls to the floor (i.e. they push their character card into the center of the table). KO’d characters are in danger of being Tossed Out of the saloon (i.e. out of the game), if they cannot manage to get healed before this happens.

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