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Third & Long

Third & Long

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Gather your players and face off for gridiron glory!

Third and Long recreates the action of a pro football game. Two coaches take turns on offense and defense, calling plays and executing drives. Touchdowns, field goals, fumbles, interceptions, penalties, and big plays are all part of the exciting action. Join the fun as the teams of the Professional Football League compete for the Championship Trophy!

Components: 90 cards, 40 page rulebook
In Third and Long, two players take on the role of opposing coaches in a game of American Football.
Each coach chooses a team from the star players included in the game. Pre-made teams are provided for simplicity, or a draft with a salary cap can be held to form the teams. Teams do not have all 11 players represented, they simply comprise of the star players from the following skill positions: QB, RB, WR, LB, CB, S.
A coin flip determines who starts out on Offense and who will initially play defense. Players share two decks of play call cards. The coach on offense takes the Offensive Play Calls and the coach on defense takes the Defensive Play Calls.
Coaches choose their respective play calls in secret, revealing them at the same time. The interaction between the offensive and defensive play call determines the match up of star players involved in the play. Action Cards (which form each player’s hand) are used to further influence the outcome of each play.
The game is made up of a series of drives. Each drive is made up of a randomly determined number of “Key Moments” (from 1 to 5). Key Moments and represent those special times during a football game that mean the difference between success and failure. For each Key Moment, a play occurs. If the offense is able to win that number of plays in a row, they score.
If the defense is able to stop the offense on any of the Key Moments in a given drive, then a fourth down has occurred. Most of the time a punt will follow, but sometimes the coach on offense is desperate and will attempt to go for it.
Each game results in real football game-like scores, and uses nothing but cards (no extra components to keep track of field position or time on the clock). Interceptions, fumbles, big plays, injuries, field goals, touchdowns, safeties, extra points… its all in there!

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